Principal’s Message

Welcome to Felton Laboratory Charter School! We are pleased that you have taken a moment to visit our website. It is our goal to keep you informed in a timely manner of the many exciting happenings at Felton as we progress through the year. Our hope is that you find our website to be user friendly, engaging, and helpful.

Felton is a public charter school composed of nearly 400 students with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) focus. Our small size is our strength as it allows us to foster a family friendly atmosphere where faculty and staff get to know all of our students as unique individuals. Here at Felton, an experienced, highly skilled and committed faculty and staff work collaboratively to give our scholars a high quality, standards-based education integrated with an abundance of STEAM activities. In other words, we aim to provide all of our students with an excellent educational program that is relevant, inspiring, and engaging while catering to their individual needs and creative aptitude.

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) works tirelessly to support our school in countless ways, including financial support through fundraising, providing enrichment activities, field experience opportunities, sponsoring community events, and volunteering. Parents are informed about school policies, procedures, academics, and events through a variety of channels. The Back-to-School packet which is mailed out before our Meet and Greet event, contains information about school and our school rules and procedures, the school calendar, and other essential information for parents. During the year parents stay informed through classroom notices, Class DoJo, the STEAM Engine newsletter, school e-mails, our school website, and the web-based parent Portal on PowerSchool.

Parent participation is welcomed; we offer many opportunities for parents, families, and the community to come and engage with their students’ learning and STEAM activities. Volunteering sets an important example for children about shared responsibility. There are innumerable opportunities to volunteer, whether it is in the classroom, participating in PTA activities, chaperoning field experiences, serving as a room parent, serving on a PTA committee, or assisting with clerical tasks. Parents can learn about these opportunities by calling the school office and inquiring. We value and appreciate the input of our parents and other school community members. So, if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback that you would like to share, please contact me. Your involvement and support enables Felton to continue and thrive!

How to get involved in your child’s education at Felton:
1. Fill out the volunteer forms. Forms are available in the school office.
2. Ask your child questions about what he/she learned in school that day, what interesting activities they did
in class, or what book they are reading from our Media Center.
3. Read to your primary/elementary-aged child every day.
4. Check your child’s Thursday Folder weekly for grades, letters, newsletters, or flyers about upcoming events.
5. Call the school or email the Director or teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
6. Sign up to help at a class event like field experiences or STEAM activities.
7. Attend PTA general meetings to learn about school events and volunteering opportunities.
8. Assist your child with homework assignments by creating a quiet environment to work.

Felton Laboratory Charter School has a commitment to ensuring that we provide a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment for all of our scholars. Please come by and see our wonderful school for yourself! You are always welcome.

Educationally yours,
Dr. Sharon T. White
FLCS Director

Our Philosophy

We Believe that:

  • A complete education must include all Arts (i.e. dance, creative writing, media arts, music, theatre, and Visual arts.)
  • As a STEAM school, infusing the arts into the school curriculum will provide infinite opportunities for creativity and innovation.
  • The arts can provide learners with the essential knowledge and skills they need to be successful.
  • Collaboration between parents, teachers, administrators, and the community can provide the resources to support and sustain quality arts education programs.

We envision a school that provides opportunities for excellence and prepares students intellectually, physically and socially.

The mission of Felton Laboratory Charter School, a proud and diverse community, is to ensure a high quality education for all students by providing challenging learning opportunities through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

The mission of Felton Laboratory Charter School (FLCS) is to provide a rigorous, creative and a diverse learning environment through Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

Our History

Our Roots

Felton Laboratory School, originally Felton Training School, was established in 1920 as an outgrowth of a kindergarten program, which was developed under the guidance of Miss Sara B. Henderson an instructor of Kindergarten and Primary Methods. As a part of the University’s Department of Education, this program continued to grow as courses in methods, observations, and directed teaching were added to the curriculum.

In 1924, a four room building was donated by the joint cooperation of the General Education Board and the Rosenwald Fund for teacher education purposes in connection with the universities normal courses of study.

In 1964, with the expansion of the Teacher Education program, a new building was constructed and Felton Training School was renamed Felton Laboratory School. In 1997, Felton Laboratory School updated the building by adding a state-of-the-art Music and Art room. The spacious Music room was designed to be acoustically sound and to include ample space for storage. The Science Lab was also updated at this time to include more ample storage space and work stations to enhance investigations in Science. Today, Felton Laboratory School continues to strive to provide the best quality education for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade. In September, 2014, FLS officially became Felton Laboratory Charter School.