Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Rivers-Spigner, M. Ed.

K-4 Guidance Counselor

Phone: 803-536-8724 Email:

Mrs. Spigner’s philosophy of school counseling includes building relationships with students of all backgrounds, having enthusiasm to help students, advocating for students’ success, and collaborating with parents and other school professionals. My mission is to also help students learn about themselves and develop in three areas; personal/social, education, and career. I have great enthusiasm for helping students set goals and high standards for themselves. As a counselor, I have strong interest in students’ success and believe that all of them can learn and be successful. I believe that every student, regardless of his or her intellectual or physical ability, should be treated as an equal and given a fair opportunity to achieve in a learning environment that emulates respect and a caring community. Students need to grow in the sense of self-worth and enhance positive attitudes. It is also essential to create opportunities for students to talk about their learning experience in school and at home. In fact, my role as a school counselor is to listen to students in order to think more about the inside of the students and their homes instead of just the outside of their situation.

Mrs. Edwina Tarte

5-8 Guidance Counselor

Phone: 803-536-8383 Email:

Conferences and Progress Reports


Home/school communication is extremely important, particularly in regard to student performance. We feel that the teacher and parent share joint responsibility for this communication.

The formal reporting procedure includes:

1. Back to School Night: This is an evening set aside for parents to familiarize themselves with their child’s classroom and school. Classrooms are open to explain the curriculum that will be undertaken by the students during the school year. Grade level expectations, classroom expectations, classroom daily schedule, discipline and homework policies will be discussed.

2. Conferences will be scheduled for all parents of each child. This is a very important opportunity for you to discuss your child’s academic and social growth with the teacher. If the scheduled time is inconvenient for you, please contact the school to reschedule.

3. A report card will be issued at the end of each school session. Conferences for selected students may be scheduled as necessary.

“Informal reporting may take place any time. Please check with the teacher any time you have questions or concerns. It may save time if you call to make an appointment with the teacher ahead of time.”